Flood Rescue Training is now even more cost effective.

If you check out our latest offering from Rescue3 – the online Awareness Flood and Swiftwater Rescue certification course you will see some new bulk course packs!  Earth Experience and  Rescue3 International have come up with some pretty nice ways to make training your entire department even more affordable.  Our latest offering is for agencies and organizations training 50 or more personnel.  It’s called bulk course packs.  Simply purchase packs in 50 or 100 and receive up to 23% off the individual priced course.

Save on Flood Rescue Training

Check out all the Rescue3 Flood and Swiftwater Courses at www.Rescue3.EarthExperience.com


We’ve designed the course packs to meet agencies purchasing habits and give them great flexibility. Users can purchase a pack and distribute the registration codes to their personnel over a 12 month period.  This means that the courses can be used all at once or gradually for up to 1 year.  What’s even better, once a user registers they have up to 6 months to complete the online training.  So in essence, you can buy courses and have 18 months to complete the course.  We have found that this greatly increases the ease of budgeting for a year and training at your own pace.  Learn more

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