Who We are

Earth Experience International was founded as an outlet to combine a professional team of outdoor educators with a highly skilled and passionate group of film makers and web savvy innovators.  We are a  team of people who have dedicated their  lives to the outdoors, trained in EMS, wilderness medicine, snow and water rescue.  We are boaters, climbers, kayaks, skiers, mountaineers and guides, and professors.  We have taken and taught courses for the past 25 years from emergency medicine, technical rope rescue, swiftwater and flood rescue and many others.  Our passion is helping create courses that are both exciting, fun and meet the highest level of standards the world can throw at us!  We believe we can do all of that better than anyone!

What we do


Earth Experience is a unified resource for professional grade, state of the art, ONLINE education, instruction and certification.  Accessible online, anywhere, anytime at a reasonable cost and high value.  Earth Experience begins creation of world class online courses by partnering with select leading professionals in the outdoor education and training fields.  Whether it is professional development, such as rescue training for EMS, Law Enforcement or Military -or- recreational based, we start by taking established worldwide courses as well as lightening bolt ideas from some of the smartest educators and instructors on the planet. 


Earth Experience employs a team of highly skilled course developers, film makers, animators, programmers and editors that work with our partners to shape, film, cut, record and create the best online courses available.  Once the course is complete we provide hosting, streaming, payment and customer service for our courses leaving you to do what you do best – teach, inspire and create new courses and watch the money start rolling in! At a time when technology is rapidly expanding and information is king, Earth Experience delivers.  We provide the production, delivery, testing and marketing, payment and hosting to expand markets,  increase sales and develop new business for our affiliates.  We offer a complete service that enhances and adds value to a current company’s curriculum or we can create new products that reach new markets.

Earth Experience makes it easy for developers to increase value to their current economic base, increase market share in new markets, all  while exposing their product to thousands of new customers from lateral markets. 

Affiliates and Developers

Earth Experience is always looking for companies with cool courses, affiliates interested in growing a partnership, and instructors with the next great course.  Get in touch let’s talk!